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I'm 20-something and life is passing me by........

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Friday, August 30, 2002 :::
Has it really been that long since I started this? How slack - well in the mean while my PC has crashed 3 times (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). I'm still in the same place as I was two months ago although I must say the positivity is incredibly infectious. Even when down and out I'm able to hold onto just what exactly is going on and sit it out and wait until I get happy again. Knowing why one is sad is quite empowering. I might take that to work with me. Hopefully this babble occurs more often now (and that I get better at what I babble about). Until next time........

::: posted by Martine at 9:45 AM

Sunday, June 09, 2002 :::
Yes - I'm experiencing a quarter-life crisis. I'm sad, lonely, depressed yet confident and happy with my life. Confused? Me too. I've created this forum for myself so that I can express and vent and blab and yak about myself to myself and anyone else that happens to venture my way (that's the exciting bit - the anonymity but yet the public exposure). I've seen some great stuff out there in the www and I'm not really trying to emulate that - I just want a space for me - because I'm special and unique and wonderful! As I get more skilled with this I'll hopefully make this page more exciting and more individualised. Right now I'm concentrating on the basics and getting text to screen.

::: posted by Martine at 9:33 AM

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